Bordeaux INP account initialization (ref. qualite: IPB-IN-F-03)

By following this procedure, you will be able to validate your Bordeaux INP computer account

You'll be able to use your account to :

n.b. : the (login/password) couple is the same for central services and for your school services

A Bordeaux INP password should respect the underneath rules :

  • at least 12 characters
  • the password must contains 3 kinds of characters on the four below :
    • uppercases
    • lowercases
    • numbers
    • characters from this set of characters : " @ & ( ! ) * + = - / < > , ? . ; : _
n.b. : Do not use a word from a dictionnary even with uppercases characters and even completed by a number !!!

WARNING : characters with an accent (à é ç…) can not be used in a password for now.

Identify yourself with your Bordeaux INP login and passport and birth date

your login (or uid)
your passport
Enter your birth date (jj/mm/aaaa)

Enter your password ( + confirm )

confirm your password

Vous have to electronically accept the Bordeaux INP charter
I admit that I read the Bordeaux INP charter and I accept it